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Welcome to Richmond Autographs, where you will find a variety of letters, documents, manuscripts and signed photographs for enthusiasts in all fields.

Whether you are looking to enrich an existing collection, or have just discovered the excitement of collecting autographs, or even if you would just like one letter, signature or photograph of your most admired figure, I will endeavour to help you. The writers hereĀ are famous, infamous, heroic, notorious, great and humble, but everything will have something to arouse your interest and open doors to further research in a particular period or field.

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Education, Education, Education

The question of education is one of those topics that keeps cropping up in political debate. The other day, walking down the King's Road, I turned into a side street where I had worked many years ago and there I saw a quotation which stopped me in my tracks. The quote is from Plutarch, and read "The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."In the first half of the twentieth century, a mother...

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