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Welcome to Richmond Autographs, where you will find a variety of letters, documents, manuscripts and signed photographs for enthusiasts in all fields.

Whether you are looking to enrich an existing collection, or have just discovered the excitement of collecting autographs, or even if you would just like one letter, signature or photograph of your most admired figure, I will endeavour to help you. The writers here are famous, infamous, heroic, notorious, great and humble, but everything will have something to arouse your interest and open doors to further research in a particular period or field.

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A Puzzled Little Terrier

It's difficult to resist the warm glow engendered at the sight of a lovable, friendly little dog, and this one is certainly no exception.  The great New Zealand-born cartoonist David Low drew this little terrier in somebody's autograph album in 1935, when the world seemed a very uncertain place. Low may have been personally acquainted with the model for this dog, who turned up in another of his cartoons, looking very puzzled as he gazes up at the conspiratorial Hitler and...

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