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Margot Asquith delivers a piece of her mind - as only she knew how

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ASQUITH Margot - Autograph Letter Signed 1924 giving her views on statues and Liberals v. Tories

Some people are more opinionated than others. And when it comes to Margot Asquith, well . . . nobody did it better.

Here she is giving Lord Knutsford her opinion on the statue of Edith Cavell now by the National Portrait Gallery (she didn't like it); the statue of Florence Nightingale (she liked it even less); and the difference between Tories and Liberals ("You all believe in Force, we don't").

She had met both Edith Cavell and Florence Nightingale, so she had some justification in feeling that neither statue did justice to the woman in question. But Margot Asquith knew how to phrase it in the most direct and forceful manner possible.

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